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The watchword is personalization: the Savini Due bathroom furniture portfolio is choice no. 1 when you want to find a solution that suits your tastes and the space available in the bathroom. From modular furniture to classic style options combined in a bathroom furniture set, from solutions that combine new technologies for added comfort, to the wide range of bathroom mirrors with LED lighting system, our portfolio challenges you to arrange a suitable bathroom exactly as you want.

Our bathroom furniture is made with modern production technologies, with zero impact on the environment, and moreover, they are made only from FSC certified materials. This proves that the wood from which our products are made comes from responsibly managed forests.

Because we are an experienced bathroom furniture manufacturer, we aim to bring comfort, well-being, and style to every bathroom, so our furniture uses high-quality soft-close technologies for comfort in use, and is designed to maximize storage space, regardless of existing availability. Complete your choice with any of our LED lighting mirrors. Maybe you prefer a magnifying mirror, or digital clock, or maybe your option is a mirror-cabinet accompanied by an LED lamp.

Regardless of your needs, with the Savini Due bathroom furniture collections you are guaranteed to have countless solutions that perfectly complement the design of your bathroom and express your unique personality.

1. Modular bathroom furniture collections

Create a custom design with the premium range of modular bathroom furniture collections from Savini Due.

Modular bathroom furniture is our recommendation for those who want a complete customization of the bathroom, with an exclusive design.

These pieces of furniture, in fact, are modular and can be arranged in different shapes, sizes, finishes and levels, according to the tastes and needs of each. It combines perfectly with bathrooms arranged in various styles, from modern, Scandinavian, industrial style, to designs that use classic elements.

Savini Due offers a selection of modular bathroom furniture, made from innovative materials, and state-of-the-art technologies in the industry, which gives them strength, safety, and durability.

Also, our products represent our respect for the environment: they are made with FSC certified materials, and the production technologies have zero emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

The entire design made with our modular products can be enhanced by the addition of modular bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors with LED lighting system, perfect for the morning beauty routine.

Discover the products in this category below.


An exploration of expressive shapes, patterns, straight lines, and storage space.


Express your imagination and create a bathroom in your style.


New shapes and textures come together in a flexible concept that stands out through functionality.

2. Modern bathroom furniture collections

The optimal solution that combines functionality and style: modern bathroom furniture from Savini Due.

Whether you have a small or a generous bathroom, whether you prefer a suspended or a floor-mounted piece of furniture, our range of modernly designed bathroom furniture will surely give you enough options to choose from.

Characterized by essentiality, well-defined lines, and technologies that enhance their functionality, the collections in this category are so diverse and comprehensive that they can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Our modern bathroom furniture combines excellent visual impact with functionality and efficiency: they are durable, solid, and offer intelligent space management options in any bathroom.

These furniture collections are complemented by an extensive range of mirrors and lamps that use LED technology, to provide a contemporary air to any design, but also to save energy.

Discover the products in this category below.


A modern reinterpretation of a classic bathroom furniture.


Unique lines in a balanced and functional bathroom furniture.


Design inspired by the natural movement of water and the harmony of shapes it creates in nature.


An elegant furniture for a unique look in every bathroom.


Minimalism with focus on functionality and design.


A modern, linear, and highly versatile bathroom collection.


Restyling of one of the most popular Savini Due solutions.


The simple shapes meet the oak textures for a bathroom furniture with always contemporary design.


Even the smallest of bathrooms deserve a well-designed furniture.

3. Traditional-desgin bathroom furniture

Classic style bathroom furniture: A perfect fusion of elegance, practicality and comfort.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of options when it comes to traditional style bathroom furniture.

These products are inspired by the craftsmanship of great craftsmen, and are made with great attention to detail, the best quality materials, and hand-applied finishes, all so that the final user experience brings a classic, unique air.

The bathroom furniture in this collection is available in 6 sizes, multiple configurations, and 6 carefully selected finishes, to give each customer the opportunity to customize their bathroom as they wish: from the classic walnut, to Decape pastels, and to the beautiful Shabby Chic finishes.

The Legno Massello collection is an element of tradition in the Savini Due product portfolio.

Discover the products in this category below.


A journey back in time…