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A bathroom furniture producer for customers across Europe

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Founded in 2003, today Savini Due is among the leading companies in Europe with a consolidated presence in 28 countries: Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Georgia, India, Moldova.


We want to creat for each client daily moments of inspiration and wellness, through products made with professionalism and responsibility towards people and the environment.

The harmony in a bathroom is given by the interior design concept, the quality of materials used, the colors and textures that combine and transform this space into an oasis of relaxation.

This is why it is so important for us to design each piece of furniture, to choose the right materials, colors and textures, and to integrate technologies that will bring that feeling of well-being that we all want.

The know-how and passion in creating a special experience for our customers allowed us to rethink the production process by transposing it into a wide range of options, to meet all the needs of a bathroom design.

Today, our portfolio includes many standardized products that meet the needs of the market, but also configurable solutions that meet the needs for customization of our customers.

The bathroom is a personal, intimate space for everyone. It is a refuge from everyday life, a space of relaxation and well-being.

Savinidue in numbers

The company has constantly invested in the integration of the latest production technologies, automation and quality control systems, to ensure good compliance with our mission and values. Permanent communication with partners and customers has allowed us to align with design trends and respond to market needs.

  • 75.000 sqm production facility;
  • Young management;
  • FSC certified products;
  • Production technologies with 0 emissions of volatile organic compounds;
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 processes and systems implemented.

What we stand for

Professionalism, dedication, passion for design, attention to detail and respect for the community and the environment have always been the basis of every process, every decision, and every product resulted, which today beautifies the bathrooms of millions of Savini Due customers across Europe.

Created by people, for people

We are a company built of people: people who come from different backgrounds, people with different experiences, young people with ideas and energy, who aim to change the way we relate to our bathrooms.

We are a company for people: our employees, customers, partners and suppliers are equally important, so we invest in developing long-term relationships.

Sustainable products

All products in the Savini Due and Crea Bagno portfolio are made of FSC-certified wood.

This proves the origin of the raw materials from sources that uses responsibly and sustainably the wood resource, and thus our customers and partners have the certainty that by buying our products, they intensify the efforts to protect the environment.

Professionalism and dedication

Our products are the focal point of the Savinidue experience. So we constantly invest in product design, new production technologies, new and innovative materials, quality control at every stage, increased protection through the quality of packaging.

Our goal: 100% satisfied customers. We know it is an ambitious goal and very difficult to achieve, but we make every effort to make all customers happy with their Savinidue experience.

Responsibility towards the community

Through the actions and projects we carry out, we bring our contribution to a better, more efficient, safer society of tomorrow.

We support education and health through projects at the local community level, and we are actively involved in supporting sports projects.

Responsibility towards the environment

Our policies of 100% products made only with FSC certified materials, upgrading the production process to include only installations with 0 emissions of volatile organic compounds, recovery and reuse of waste resulting from raw material processing and energy efficiency of production spaces, represent the main pillars of the commitment we make to use the environmental resources in a responsible and efficient way, for the safety and wellbeing of ourselves, our families and the future generations.

A new face for Savinidue – your bathroom

Anticipating the 20th anniversary, we designed a new visual identity to showcase the evolution of our company and brand.

In the past years, the Savinidue brand evolved thru constant investments in design, quality materials and new functionalities, aiming to elevate the experience for our customers with each new bathroom project, by implementing the “SPA-at-home” concept for better living.

The new design of Savinidue – your bathroom aims to encapsulate all these efforts into a modern, high-end visual expression of our brand.

The Visual Evolution of our Brand


Two Brands Sharing Same Values

Starting with 2019, with the lunch of Crea Bagno brand, we now offer our customers across Europe, two different solutions designed to meet their requirements, using the same principles: build for people, using sustainable materials and technologies, with resposibility towards the community and environment.

Savinidue – your bathroom

Characterized by high-end design solutions, exclusive materials, and top-quality technologies, Savinidue – your bathroom is our flagship brand, one that aims to change the way we relate to our daily bathroom experiences.

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Crea Bagno – the smart choice

Born of the idea of “quality made affordable”, Crea Bagno – the smart choice is the perfect proposition for those who want a fast solution in furnishing their bathrooms, on a budget, without compromising on quality.

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