Savini Due – bathroom furniture producer


We want to create for each client daily moments of inspiration and wellness, through products made with professionalism and responsibility towards people and the environment.


For almost 20 Years

We create furniture that inspires you

Professionalism, dedication, passion for design, attention to detail and respect for the community and the environment have always been the basis of every process, every decision, and every product resulted, which today beautifies the bathrooms of millions of Savini Due customers across Europe.

Savini Due, the company based in Sebeș, Romania, was founded in 2003 by the Italian entrepreneur Piersante Savini from his desire to translate into reality his vision of what comfort and aesthetics mean in a bathroom.

“The bathroom is a personal, intimate space for each of us. It is a refuge from everyday life, a space for relaxation and well-being.

– Piersante Savini, Owner

The company has constantly invested in the integration of the latest production technologies, automation and quality control systems, to ensure good compliance with our mission and values. Permanent communication with partners and customers has allowed us to align with design trends and respond to market needs.

  • 75.000 sqm production facility;
  • Young management;
  • FSC certified products;
  • Production technologies with 0 emissions of volatile organic compounds;
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 processes and systems implemented.

Today Savini Due is among the leading companies in Europe with a consolidated presence in 28 countries: Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Georgia, India, Moldova.


Our professionalism and dedication to carry on the company’s vision and serve the needs of our customers have remained unchanged, but we have continued to constantly adapt to technological developments, new quality and environmental standards, and changes in customer preferences.

Passion for design

The harmony in a bathroom is given by the design, the quality of materials used, the colors and textures that combine and transform this space into an oasis of relaxation. That is why it is so important for us to design each piece of furniture, to choose the right materials, colors and textures, and to integrate technologies that will bring that feeling of well-being that we all want.


The know-how and passion in creating a special experience for our customers allowed us to rethink series production by transposing it into a wide range of options, to meet all the needs of the arrangement. Today, our portfolio includes so many standardized products that meet the needs of the market, but also configurable solutions that meet the needs of customer customization.


In recent years, we have focused on integration, optimization of product traceability and compliance with procedures, with the aim of offering our customers the highest possible level of quality.


Starting with 2021, Savini Due will produce furniture made only with FSC® certified wood materials: this certifies the traceability and origin of the wood.



High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a layered product coated with decorative resin. It is a material of absolute excellence as it is fireproof, water repellent, it is resistant to wear, steam, cleaning products and disinfectants. It offers an aesthetic that fits perfectly into all designer furniture.


In addition to superior resistance to moisture and scratches, the coated MDF gives a unique look to the furniture and maximum flexibility in terms of colors, textures and finishes. It is an environmentally friendly technology due to the reduction to 0 of emissions of volatile organic compounds.


Melamine panel are extremely resistant to scratiching and solvents, and are widely used in the furniture industry. The appearance of the product can be further enhanced by the use of textured melamine papers which reproduce the look of real wood.


Solid wood is used to make classic models with rustic accents. The “noce”, “decapé” and “shabby” finishes allow placement in different styles of bathrooms.


Ceramic is the traditional material used to make bathroom washbasins. It is durable and easy to clean.


The Resin is the modern solution for the production of washbasins. Being a mixture of natural materials and acrylic polymer, it allows the creation of special shapes of any size and geometric appearance. It has a remarkable durability over time.


From drawers to hinges to handles and accessories, metal offers strength, resistance and precision to our products, as well as making their appearance extremely pleasant.